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Tudor & Stuart Royal Succession and Religious Affiliation


All images are taken from Wikipedia.

Religious comparison is necessarily reductive. I use it for introducing Elizabethan literature; history teachers may wish to alter the venn diagram terms significantly.

On the second slide, the user should move the names above the appropriate portraits and then draw in purple arrows to track the succession of power.

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Interesting Activity

I loved the idea of this activity but found it to be too confusing. There were no objectives on the slides or instructions. I know the instructions were under the brief summary of the activity but I had to keep referring back to them which I found annoying. It would have been visually clearer to separate the slides---one for the Tudor family and one for the Stuarts. As is, the slides were simply too cluttered. The venn diagram was a great way to conceptualize the differences between Catholicism, Anglicanism and Puritanism. Although with flaws, I would like to download this presentation and tweak it to make it work for my students. They love this topic!!! Thank you!

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