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There are several migration strategies that are suitable for various migration circumstances. User Email, Calendar, Address Book, and Tasks may be migrated using Shoviv Migrator in a single configuration file or several configuration files. Pages: Email Migration software |Email Converters |Email Backup softwares |MBOX to Office 365 Migration tool |Import EML to Office 365 | Migration with a single pass In a single migration pass, Shoviv Migrator can move Email, Calendar, Address Book, and Tasks. 1. Go Live - MX record cutover or email forwarding scheduled for a certain day (often a Friday night) to enable changes to spread throughout the internet. 2. Transfer Email, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. Calendar, Address Book, and Tasks should be moved first if there are many mailboxes since they will migrate rapidly. After they are done moving, go on to migrating email. 3. If required, fix any migrations that failed or were only partially completed, then re-run the migrations with a deduping option enabled for all Tasks, Calendar, and Email. Two distinct approaches to data migration without data duplication are provided by Shoviv Migrator. The migrations should only utilize one method, enabled from the beginning to the finish. Every time migration is performed, Transend Migrator is a read/write procedure. Deduping (which applies to Email, Calendar, Address Book, and Tasks) and Incremental Migration (which only applies to Email for certain email systems) are the two approaches that won't duplicate data. Related blogs: Import Outlook Emails to Gmail|Import Outlook to Thunderbird|Import PST to Thunderbird|Backup Yahoo Emails|Backup All Thunderbird Emails| Export IMAP to PST|Backup Gmail to Outlook| Import EML to Gmail| Windows Live Mail to Outlook |Import EML file into Outlook |Import MBOX to Outlook |Convert EML to PST |Convert MBOX to PST Free |Convert Thunderbird Emails to Outlook PST| Migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 365| windows live mail to outlook 365 | Open MBOX file in Outlook

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