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Posted: Sep. 24, 2011   Posted by: tof96861
This gallery file contains page frames, arrows, speech bubbles, and objective boxes. The frames are scaled to fit a page in MimioStudio Notebook. The frames also have a transparent interior, so you can change the background color of the page to have several different looks.

Ask a Master: Using reveals

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How do I use the reveal tool and an arrow to cover a small area? If I did a box with an answer in it and then wanted to have a reveal over the top. I know about the reveal on the tools but I am not sure how to shrink it down.


Thank you for your recent submission to Ask a Master. We are so glad to have you as part of our wonderful online community of educators! You are wondering how to use a reveal to cover a small answer on your page in Notebook. The reveal that you find on your toolbar cannot be resized and is designed to be used when you are presenting lessons. I like to think of it as the old technique teachers used with overhead projectors where they would use a piece of paper to cover items they didn’t want the class to see and then simply reveal certain information at a time. This tool would be great when you are reading a passage and only want to reveal a line or paragraph at a time (can pull shade up or down) or maybe when using a timeline and want to focus on one event at a time (pull shade to left or right). What I think you are looking for in this case would be found within your Gallery. Your MimioStudio Gallery comes preloaded with some wonderful resources for you to use when creating lessons, including different answer reveals that can make your lessons more interactive for your students. First, open up your Gallery, click on the Gallery folder so that it is highlighted in blue and then enter “reveals” into the search bar at the top. Here you will find various reveals to use in your lessons such as the pop, star pop, color and shade reveals which you can bring into Mimio Notebook and resize them to fit over the answer choices. When the students come up and click on the reveal, the answer will be displayed underneath. You can also search the Gallery again for “correct” and you will find various multimedia files such as colored checkmarks, cross areas, along with correct and incorrect answer areas. You can easily drag these invisible answer reveals into Mimio Notebook and resize them to fit over the answer choices. When the students come up and click on an answer it will show them if they are right or wrong instantly! To reset, simply click on the answer again. Your students will love the sound and animation! Also, please search for reveals on MimioConnect as I know there are many wonderful .mcf's to choose from. I hope this was helpful and please let me know if there is anything else you may need. Have a great day!

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Ngaire G.

Exploring Perspective

Want to show students how to create perspectives and see the effects of size and scale? This is a set of interactive scenes which allows the students to do this. You can also explore how some famous artists have used perspective to give their paintings more realism.

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