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Subjects: Numbers & Numeration Systems
Language: English
Grade Level: Pre-K | Age 5
Posted: Feb. 14, 2013   Posted by: jmich1983
Build a snowman while practicing size comparison, counting, and number recognition skills.

The Mitten

Subjects: Reading
Language: English
Grade Level: Pre-K | Age 5
Posted: Jan. 10, 2013   Posted by: jmich1983
Interactive version of the classic "The Mitten" by Jan Brett

Holiday Gallery Pack

This Holiday Gallery Pack contains fun holiday images, templates, multimedia and lessons/activities. Use the templates, clipart and multimedia to create your own Mimio lessons or use our pre-made lessons/activities in the Lessons tab. Happy Holidays!

Winter Nouns

Subjects: Reading & Language Arts
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. K | Age 6, Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9
Posted: Jan. 11, 2012   Posted by: bladd207
This wintery lesson reviews what a noun is and common and proper nouns. It also introduces singular and plural nouns and includes lots of interactive activities to ensure student understanding along with a Mimio vote assessment. I have also attached a gallery file of Winter/Christmas Clip art.

Snowman Math Activity

This snowman math activity is a one page game for two teams. Addition, subtraction, and multiplication can all be practiced with with digits from 0-20.

Animals in Winter

Subjects: Science
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9, Gr. 4 | Age 10
Posted: Dec. 22, 2011   Posted by: alissabocek
This is a fun way for students to learn about what animals are doing in the winter.

Geometry - Area

Subjects: Geometry, Mathematical Word Problems, Mathematics
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 5 | Age 11, Gr. 6 | Age 12, Gr. 7 | Age 13, Gr. 8 | Age 14
Posted: Dec. 14, 2011   Posted by: jherrmann
Students will identify various 2d shapes and practice calculating their area. The last slide has an excellent group activity focusing on student collaboration to solve a problem.

Winter Coordinate Fun

Subjects: Algebra, Calculus
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 7 | Age 13, Gr. 8 | Age 14, Gr. 9 | Age 15, Gr. 10 | Age 16, Gr. 11 | Age 17, Gr. 12 | Age 18
Posted: Nov. 15, 2011   Posted by: jherrmann
A gallery function graphing tool - 'dressed-up' for winter! It is a tool that will graph lines, functions, inequalities, and more!

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