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Using the MimioStudio Recorder

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Does Mimio have any function to make video recordings?
Are you wondering how you can make a recording to add to your MimioStudio Notebook lesson? I would recommend using our wonderful Mimio Recorder which you can find under the APPLICATIONS button on your toolbar. As long as you have some sort of microphone you can record all actions taking place on your computer as well as the audio coming into your computer.

Click HERE to watch a great video showing you how to use the recorder!

To learn even more about how to use MimioRecorder in your classroom; sign up today for our MimioStudio Advanced Quicklearn Session

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Mike S.

Earth Day Classroom Lessons

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Earth Day is coming up. Are there any lessons on Earth Day I can use in my classroom?

Earth Day is April 22! If you are looking for some great activities/lessons for your class to celebrate the world we live in, look no further! You can download our new Earth Day Lessons here . This video highlights the features of our new Earth Day Classroom Lessons - leveled for both K-6, and 7-12.

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Updating to MimioStudio 10

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How do I download and update my MimioStudio software?

This short Ask A Master Video explains where to find the latest version of MimioStudio, and how to download the upgrade. Go to, choose Support>Downloads, and select your operating system. This will take you to the download page. Make sure you choose your language from the drop-down menu, and then start your download. *NOTE: when this video was created, MimioStudio 10 was the current version.

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Choose a Student

This is a simple way for kids to pick the next "volunteer". Run this program with another .ink or something else you are doing. Kids can "POP" the balloon for the next volunteer to participate.

QuickVote Add on in Powerpoint

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How can you use MimioVote Questions with existing PowerPoint lessons?


What a great question! You can use the MimioStudio Vote Add-in function to create any type of MimioVote activity in Microsoft PowerPoint. MimioVote activities are created by adding question slides to a PowerPoint presentation. A Vote Add-in feature includes a variety of pre-formatted question slide templates to make creating activities in PowerPoint quick and easy. The Vote Add-in feature should have been added to PowerPoint when you installed the MimioStudio software. If you go into PowerPoint you should see an add-in button in the menu on the right. If you click this you should see vote objects over on the left that will allow you to enter vote questions into PowerPoint. You can’t open vote files in PowerPoint but you should be able to create vote questions based in here.

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Lynn A.

St. Patrick's Day Pull Tabs Gallery

Subjects: Technology
Language: English
Grade Level: Pre-K | Age 5, Gr. K | Age 6, Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9, Gr. 4 | Age 10, Gr. 5 | Age 11, Gr. 6 | Age 12
Posted: Feb. 16, 2013   Posted by: a.mcguire
These are just some fun pull tabs for St. Patrick's Day.

How I Love Mimio...or Excuse Me While I Wax Poet-tech

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How much do you love using Mimio in your classroom?


Valentine's Day is upon us, and I have a new love - to be honest.
After decades of teaching, of striving, of reaching
young minds in the halls of my school -
I find myself having a blast in my class with a tool that is totally cool!

It's white and it's sleek - completely unique
in the way it can get students learning.
And the Pad is so rad that my students are sad when the
clock shows that class time is burning.

They come to my board with nary a cord,
and move things around with a stylus.
They're having such fun, they don't even run
when the bell rings -
They almost seem tireless!

When it comes to a test, my class does it best
When using the MimioVote.
The colors are pleasing, anxiety-easing,
and quickly the students take note.
The answers come surely, and admin says purely
my students aren't missing the boat.

So here's to this Valentine's Day
and hooray for the Mimio way!
Engage, interact!
Let's all make a pact
to use Mimio every day.

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Mimio Teacher Team Presentations - BETT, FETC, TCEA

This is the collection of Mimio teacher team presentations made by our fantastic teacher teams at BETT, FETC, and TCEA.

Using the U.S. Presidents Gallery Pack

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How can I use the U.S. Presidents Gallery Pack in my classroom?

We have just witnessed the national spectacular of a presidential inauguration and President's Day is right around the corner. What better time to use the new U.S. Presidents Gallery Pack with your students? If you are wanting great images, lesson ideas, templates, and multi-media objects to teach your students about U.S. Presidents - look no further!

This video demonstrates how to locate and download the U.S. Presidents Gallery pack, and how to use it in your classroom.

Click here to download this timely resource!

Would you like to learn more about how you can use Gallery items in your lessons? If so, you might be interested in signing up for a live or on-demand Mimio Quicklearn training session!

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Pairing the MimioTeach and MimioHub

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The light on my MimioTeach is an amber color and I can't get it to calibrate at all. Any suggestions?

Looks like you need some help with pairing your MimioHub with your MimioTeach. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to sync these two units (Make sure your MimioHub is connected to your computer)

1. Open Mimio Settings in the software. Go to Classroom Devices.

2. You will see the MimioHub listed. (if it’s not there, the MimioHub is not in a USB port)

3. Hold down the status light (button) for about 5-7 seconds. It will start flashing amber and you will see MimioTeach appear on your list of Classroom Devices. It will say “available.”

4.Select the device and click Connect.

5.The Status light on the MimioTeach will turn solid green.

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Andrea C.

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