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The New Chromebook Flips and MimioStudio software

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Can the new Chromebook Flips be used with my Mimio files?


You had asked if there was a way to use the Chromebook flip and manipulate your Mimio files/lessons through this device. The Answer is yes and it's done through web access! Here are the instructions to get you up and running with a Chromebook flip:
1. Open a lesson on your computer, not the Chromebook.
2. On the Chromebook, go to
3. Now, inside the lesson page. Go to Tools>Settings>Mobile.
4. You'll see "Connection Information." You want to make sure that your information is the same on the Chromebook for IP Address, Port (second number for Web), and input access code. When you are looking at the Chromebook, click on the word TEACHER so it is in blue, and click on MANUAL for Connection methods. Here is where you can match up the IP Address, Port, and Access code. Once they are inputted correctly, click on "Connect."
5.Your lesson page should now be mirrored on your Chromebook and ready to use!

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MimioStudio Versions and Updating

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Can you tell me what is the most current version of MimioStudio and which Windows/Mac operating systems does it support? My school has a variety of operating systems and I'm not sure if they are all supported. Also, where can I download the software from?


All good questions and we've got answers for you. The current version of MimioStudio is 11.54. The operating systems supported by this version are: Windows 7,8,10 and Mac 10.9, 10.10, 10.11. Below is the link to the software downloads page (just click on the first one, MimioStudio Classroom Software).

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Frank G

New to Mimio and MimioConnect

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I'm new to Mimio. Are there some short video tutorials that could get me started?


Welcome to Mimio and MimioConnect! We are so glad to have you as part of our dynamic, educational community of professionals. There are many videos of varying lengths and details that you can explore but to get you up and running. I highly recommend the following topics which focus on Mimio basics and much more:
*MimioStudio Basics
*MimioStudio Toolbar Basics
*Formatting Objects
*Adding Content
*Presenting Lessons
*Advanced Topics
*MimioStudio Gradebook
*MimioVote Assessment

Just follow this web address to bring you to the topics page of videos. After each topic name, you'll see an arrow. Just click the arrow to see a drop down menu of video choices on that specific topic. Here's the address:

Enjoy exploring and learning! Check back in if you need further assistance. We're always here to help.

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Rachel L

How To Add a Google Doc to My Mimio Notebook

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I have a lesson created in Google docs yet I can't seem to insert it into a notebook page. How do I accomplish this without having to recreate it?


Good question which has a straightforward answer. As you may be aware of, your Google docs are not stored on your local computer like traditional documents. They are stored in your "cloud" to be easily shared out with others. So, what this means is that you'll need to download the file to your computer before you can insert it into the Mimio notebook. There are a few ways to do this and here is just one: have your file open in your Google documents, then go to File and choose download. You will have several choices of downloadable file types such as a .pdf or Word document (if you have a document opened) or .pdf or PowerPoint (if it's a Google presentation opened). Once they have been downloaded and saved somewhere on your computer as one of those downloadable types, they can now be inserted into a notebook page. Just keep in mind that those files, once inserted into the notebook, become static and no changes can be made or animations activated to the documents themselves. Remember that you still have the originals back in your Google docs home. For more tips and suggestions, check out the other Ask a Master questions and answers on MimioConnect!

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Chris P

Creating MimioVote Questions

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I'd like to create a quiz using the MimioVote. Do I need to have the MimioVote plugged in to my computer to be able to create and access the question templates and preview the quiz once I've made one?


Good question! When you create a quiz or any type of MimioVote assessment, the only equipment you need is a computer with the MimioStudio software installed on it. You can open the notebook gallery, drag the desired question templates and fill them in with the appropriate questions. Questions can be completely text based or have a combination of text and pictures. MimioVote assessments can be embedded in a Mimio notebook lesson where you can have a few instructional slides followed by a few assessment slides or you can just create an assessment all by itself. Once you have completed the assessment, you can go back and preview for errors, omissions, or additions. When you are ready to give the assessment to a class, this would be the time to plug in the MimioVote device. If all is working correctly, you will see the MimioVote toolbar across the bottom of your notebook page. For additional help with the MimioVote device, check out the section for this device in the MimioClassroom User guide by following this link:
As always, if you get a chance, check out the many tips and suggestions found throughout the Ask a Master questions and responses!

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Using Chromebooks with MimioMobile

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How can my students use MimioMobile with their Chromebook devices?


Great question! Chromebooks connect to MimioMobile through the web at this address: Once you get to the web address, you will see the options available to you for connecting. You can connect every mobile device in the classroom with the purchase of just one annual MimioMobile license. Details on how to purchase the annual license can be found on Without the license, you are allowed up to 3 devices to connect at a time. As always, if you get a chance, check out the many tips and suggestions offered in our Ask a Master section!

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Anchor Activities

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Grade Level: Hr. Ed. | Age 19+
Posted: Sep. 26, 2016   Posted by: cbremer

What is the MimioView and how does it work?

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My school just received MimioTeach units with a few MimioViews. Can you tell me how the MimioView works?


Welcome to Mimio! The MimioView is a wonderful compliment to the MimioTeach, as with all of our products. The MimioView is a document camera which integrates seamlessly with the Mimio Studio software. It operates with one USB cable which plugs into your computer for its functionality and power. Once the power button is turned on you have the ability to project student work, 3D objects, live specimens, attach a microscope and view microscope slides, and even video. The unit comes with 2 side LED lamps which provide focused light on the magnified object. The images can be rotated or zoomed in as well as freezing and saving the image to the notebook or gallery for use later. Most of the MimioStudio tools also work with the images for markup and/or annotation. Using the MimioStudio Recorder, you can record your interactions with the MimioView object/document into an AVI movie file. There are many possibilities to using your MimioView which are only limited by your imagination! Enjoy the Mimio products and if you get a chance check out the many other tips and suggestions found in our Ask a Master section.

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Nancy Z.

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