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Technology Training Activities

Subjects: Staff Development, Technology
Language: English
Grade Level: Hr. Ed. | Age 19+
Posted: Sep. 12, 2012   Posted by: emason8
This lesson provides teachers with an interactive way to explore training opportunities available.

Searching for lessons from a specific user

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How would I search for content created by a specific member?


You are wondering how to search for content created by a specific member which is very easy to do! If you select “Members” from the menu bar on the MimioConnect home page and then scroll down about halfway to the bottom and you should see “Search Members” on the right hand side. Simply search for the user you are looking for and once you find them click on their name. On the right hand side you should see a “Members Profile” box with a green border. Click on “Lesson Plans and Activities” and you will find all lessons created by that user.

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Karyn Cook

How can I generate reports in my MimioStudio Gradebook?

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Question: How can I generate class and student reports in my MimioStudio Gradebook?


This is a MimioConnect Video Ask A Master Video!

When a teacher uses their MimioVote Assessment System in the classroom, student performance data is automatically saved within their MmioStudio Gradebook. This video explains how to make the most of that valuable data by explaining how to generate a variety of reports. This video explains how teachers can print whole class and individual student data reports using MimioStudio Gradebook.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the MimioVote Assessment System and the MimioStudio Gradebook in your classroom, Mimio has a training solution for you! Please visit: for more information.

Do you have a question for a Mimio Master? We want to answer it! Please visit: to submit your question.

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Community Building Flip Cards

Students will build community by learning about their classmates.

Classroom 2.0 - Cloud-based Services Exploration

Students use the cloud and teachers use the cloud, but very few people understand what "the Cloud" is and why it is so useful for educational purposes. This lesson introduces learners to "the Cloud" and several well-known services, incorporating class discussion skills and critical thinking.

Jazzin' it Up

This can help you 'jazz up' your lesson with video, sound, flash and interactive websites.

Strengthen Your Mimio Muscles

Subjects: Staff Development
Language: English
Grade Level: Hr. Ed. | Age 19+
Posted: Jul. 15, 2012   Posted by: BCWATKINS04
This activity was designed as a professional development on the Mimio tools for teachers using Mimio in their classrooms.

Characteristics of Gifted Education

This staff development lesson provides teachers with opportunities to learn about the characteristics of gifted students as well as the gifted identification/due process for the state of Georgia.

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