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Back to School 2016-17 Gallery Pack


Welcome back to school! Start the year off right with our UPDATED 2016-2017 Back to School Pack featuring calendars, morning meeting activities, attendance charts, seating charts, daily graphing activities, and more. This pack is filled with everything you need to begin the new school year. Last year's popular wide formats are still included: 12 month calendars and mixed morning meeting pages for use with MimioDisplay or for those who prefer a wide layout. You'll definitely want to check it out! When using the pack, you can choose from completed lessons or use the large selection of images and templates to easily create your own customized activities.

Note that if you downloaded the previous pack with 2015-16 or previous Back to School calendars, you may want to remove that pack from your gallery first to avoid having multiple school years worth of calendars.

Please note that due to the many exciting features in this gallery pack, you will need to have the latest version of MimioStudio software installed on your computer. Click here to update to the latest version of MimioStudio software.
Enjoy your school year!

Gallery pack created by Lindy George and Claire Pavia.

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teepeesmommy Posted by: teepeesmommy Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer

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How do I get the template (

How do I get the template ( attendance -September) onto the page? I feel like I have tried everything. I can get the clipart in the group "images" but I don't know how to work with the templates. They won't "scoot over" or copy and paste.
Thanks! excited to use them!

  • Posted:
    Aug. 24, 2016
Posted by
Kate Rivas
Downloads: 10

Kate, The templates can

The templates can either be double clicked and they will go to the page selected or you can click and drag them to the page desired. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

  • Posted:
    Aug. 27, 2016
Posted by
Claire Jones
Downloads: 1229

Leah, So glad you are using

So glad you are using our calendars! You actually need to ungroup the apple and the text. You can do this a couple of ways. You can click to select an individual apple/name combination and then click the drop-down menu Format>Grouping>Ungroup. Or if you are comfortable you can drag your mouse over all of the apples to select them and then once again click on the drop-down menu Format>Grouping>Ungroup. Click anywhere to deselect.
Now you will click on the text and change to your student's names. Once you have changed the text you will need to select each apple and text combination (you can drag your mouse across both to select or hold down you Ctrl key and click on the apple and the text) and then click on the drop-down menu Format>Grouping>Group to group the two back together. Once you get the hang of it, it will go quickly.
Note - if you like to right click you can access the Grouping tools with a right-click on the selected text.
There is an animated arrow on right side of each page that will reveal directions for easy assistance.

Hope this helps!

  • Posted:
    Aug. 17, 2016
Lindy George
Posted by
Lindy George
Downloads: 2067

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