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"Get More" with Long Vowels!

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Hopefully you've noticed some of the great "Get More" lessons, or heard about them in a recent webinar or MimioTraining Quick Learn. We're pleased to share with you the next lesson in the "Get More" series. We take lessons found on MimioConnect and apply various instructional design components, and then reshare!

You will find each of the Long Vowel lessons listed below, which were originally created a few years ago. Since then, Mimio has created great MimioStudio features like "clone", "animate", and other MimioStudio Gallery flash animations that allow the addition of more engagement, interactivity and quality instruction. We hope you can see some of the Instructional Design Components in these "Get More" lessons, especially Interactivity and Instruction.

This lesson includes many of the latest MimioStudio features. If you have not downloaded the newest version, download it here.

Download and refer to the Using Instructional Design Components PDF for more information on how to achieve positive learning outcomes with your students from your Mimio lessons.

Hopefully you will find great ways to use some or all of the "Get More" with Long Vowels lessons. Let us know if you have any great ideas or additions we can make. Happy Mimio-ing!

Lessons created by Lindy George and Claire Pavia.

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teepeesmommy Posted by: teepeesmommy Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer

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Thank you, I like this and

Thank you, I like this and will use it. Just one question. The I seems to have been messed up in the process of downloading it. (I have a mac) It looks like it may have been turned sideways and the crossbar of the I is no in the correct place. I tied to move it, but could not seem to fix it. Should I remove the audio and then try to fix it?


  • Posted:
    Jun. 8, 2015
Posted by
Downloads: 84

Erma, When you click on an


When you click on an object be sure you get the 4 headed arrow which will allow you to move the object around the screen. I like to place the Mimio stylus in the middle of the object. If you click on the corners you get the 2 headed arrow that will resize instead of moving it. Give that a try and let me know if you are still having trouble.


  • Posted:
    Feb. 5, 2015
Lindy George
Posted by
Lindy George
Downloads: 2067

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