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My name is Stanisława Stana. I am an English teacher from Poland. Some time ago I started to work with Mimio interactive Xi Bar. It offers fantastic possibilities to enlive lessons and introduce quite new methods. I am thinking about “video-conferences” through Skype with pupils from other countries. It would be great if children could see one another on a big screen and speak directly. We could also start electronic correspondence. Children would have great fun. My pupils are at the age of 10 – 13. (Year 4 – 6 in Polish schools)
Let me know if you are willing to cooperate in this innovation. The vital condition is obviously to have an interactive whiteboard of any kind (My favourite is Mimio) Then we could discuss the details: how often (I suggest once a month or once every two months) , when, what topics to choose, etc.
I can’t wait to your answer.

My e-mail address: sstana@wp.pl or answer, please here on the Forum.

Best regards
Stanisława Stana

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Submitted by sstanaislawa on Mar. 2, 2013

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Lovely idea

I really like the idea of having a "Mimio-Skype Pen-Pal". Sadly, my students are only in third grade. One of our 5th grade teachers travels to Europe (France and Romania) just about every summer. I will present your desire to her and see if she would like to become involved.

  • Posted:
    Aug. 6, 2013
Posted by
Barbara Carper
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Dear Barbara,

Thanks for your reply. I was discouraged a liitle by the lack of any answers and I stopped to check the mail. I am very happy that someone answered. Let me know, please if your friend would be interested.

Best regards
Stanisława Stana

  • Posted:
    Sep. 28, 2013
Posted by
Stanislawa Stana
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