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If I want to create a game board and have the template include "game cards" with questions and answer choices, HOW DO I DO THIS ... I have seen all kinds of interactive game boards where you "Click Here" and it "goes there" and then back again ... but I have not a clue where to start. I have asked a master the question, and I have asked a member, but I have yet to get an answer. I am impatient because I want to start using these things now to review for our upcoming state test. Thanks. Shelley

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Submitted by shelleyb63 on Jan. 10, 2013

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Game Boards

Great question! They look difficult to create but actually they are not. It is all about hyperlinking. Once you create the first page and then the question pages you simply hyperlink to the individual pages and then in each page hyperlink back to the home page. I would be happy to create a short video to walk you through the basics. If you want to tell me which game board then I will work with that one to create the video and email it to you. Let me know.

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    Jan. 22, 2013
Lindy George
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Lindy George
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