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Creative Grammar - Do the Pronoun!


The root of Creative Grammar is to provide students with ownership over their grammar skills. This mimio will help you provide a quick tutorial of the grammar skill, followed by an interactive game to practice the grammar skill. The final part of this mimio is to provide your students with the opportunity to create their own simple (boring) sentences that they then get to spice up with the grammar skill of that day. Have fun!

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cmullen Posted by: cmullen Mimio Master

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Grammar mistakes

Hi, cmullen.

I loved the pronoun activity, even though I'm not a game person. So, I think I may use it with my ESOL students. Unfortunately, I noticed grammar mistakes in the "Better" and "Best" sample sentences. I'm afraid you added a comma between two complete sentences, which is not correct. You have to use a period or semicolon (if the content is closely related and you want to connect the ideas more strongly than you would do with a period). You can only connect two main clauses with a comma followed by a coordinate conjunction (and, but, or, for, nor, so, yet). I've just spent a long time on comma usage with my students, so they'd notice that right away. Make those changes and you've got a winner!

  • Posted:
    Nov. 16, 2012
Posted by
Christine Bushong
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