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Where Do Different Foods Originate?


Every Spring I give my lesson on the Columbian Exchange; it is usually a two-day lesson.
I focus on food because the students will be starting a research project on any topic from the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, or the Scientific Revolution, so I leave it wide open for someone to research a Conquistador, one of the first colonies in the Americas, or other aspects of the Columbian Exchange.

The presentation links to websites and online documentaries, so internet connection is required.

At the end of the lesson, I pass the MimioPad around so that students can show understanding - sometimes I get to each student in the class because there are 18 New World foods from 28 choices.

Summary Activity Objective: The Learner will select and drag New World foods that need to be "packed up" for transport to the Old World. Students will know that they have identified New World foods because the correct answers will go "into the barrels."

The .ink file is too large to upload to Mimio Connect, so please use the following link to download the file from DropBox.

It teach in British Columbia, Canada, so I do not know the appropriate Florida State Standard nor the corresponding ages/grades by state.

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