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Color Wheel Activity

Summary: In this activity students will use the color wheel to learn about primary and secondary colors. Using the MimioStudio color picker tool, students will enjoy choosing colors from the palette to fill the color wheel with the correct colors.

Do you want to learn how to use this great color picker tool? Watch this brief video!

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Lindy George Posted by: Lindy George Mimio Master Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer

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Since I'm an elementary art

Since I'm an elementary art teacher, this lesson is perfect for me. The kids will love using the color picker and filling in colors. I like that the Primary color circles are larger than the others since they are most important. I will definitely use this. Thank you.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 27, 2014
Posted by
Kay Berry
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Hi Lindy, I was originally

Hi Lindy,

I was originally searching for a Grammar lesson that I had seen of yours on Nouns and then I saw this-SO COOL! What a fun and easy way to teach "The Color Wheel." Although I am not an Art teacher, this is a perfect review for my students as they complete a project on the color wheel in Art class. Thank you for including the "pull-outs."

  • Posted:
    Apr. 17, 2013
Posted by
Jamie Flatley
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Color Wheel Lesson

The introduction video given before you view the lesson is a great seller. You want to see the lesson. It's a great movie trailer for the actual Color Wheel lesson.

This is excellent and students can learn quickly what the primary and secondary colors are. I love the interactivity for each slide here. Not only are the page designs visually appealing, but well-thought out; primary colors' circles are bigger while secondary color's are smaller circles. The 6 slides reinforce what is learned in a previous slide. The activities are wonderful on each slide to both engage the students and get them involved in the learning process.

  • Posted:
    Feb. 16, 2012
Posted by
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