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Teachers’ Domain is a producer and online library of public media resources that strives to help teachers use technology in the classroom and inspire students to learn by providing educational digital content paired with innovative teaching tips, resources, and background information. As part of that mission, Teachers’ Domain has shared a selection of videos and Flash-based interactives with Mimio that MimioStudio users can save in their Gallery for free and easily incorporate into their lessons.

Over 250 science and social studies videos and interactive activities from Teachers’ Domain have been built into content packs and are available to be downloaded from MimioConnect and installed into the MimioGallery. The Teachers’ Domain files include content appropriate for preK-12th grade, cover a broad range of subject areas such as biology, earth and space sciences, environmental science, physics, cultural studies, and history, and are aligned to national and state standards.

For more classroom resources associated with these videos and interactives, such as background essays, discussion questions and standards alignment, please visit the Teachers' Domain website at www.teachersdomain.org.

Featured Interactives

Cloud Types
Learn about how clouds are named and identified using this interactive resource. Clouds help to maintain the energy budget and climate on Earth and are an essential part of the water cycle.

Harvesting Energy
Learn about the processes that enable cells to unlock the energy contained in the foods we consume. Energy-rich molecules and our cells' ability to use this energy is critical to life.

Animal Classification
Learn about several animal classes and then identify the correct class of various animals. Correct recognition depends on understanding certain physical characteristics and behaviors.
Featured Videos

Learn some of the physical differences between male and female tarantulas, how tarantulas defend themselves against predators and why females tend to outlive males.

What is a Planet?
Learn about the debate over the definition of a planet. Historically, there has been no scientific definition, leaving astronomers with the task of properly classifying new discoveries.

Solar Power
Learn about the largest solar power system installed in the U.S. at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. While solar power is clean and renewable, it also makes economic sense.
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