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My Bad! (SORRY! game board template)


This game template is modeled after the board game SORRY!. Up to four teams answer questions, move around the board and try to be the first team to the get all of their pawns home. Just enter your own questions and you are ready to play! Use screen capture to add questions quickly from another document, or just use the gameboard and hand questions out on a worksheet. This game was modified from a smartboard activity created by Amber Smith.

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kpottier Posted by: kpottier Mimio Certified Trainer

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I saw a mock game of Sorry

I saw a mock game of Sorry called My Bad on this tv show BlackIsh. Its Sorry for black folks. And its called a game of regrets lol. I know it wasnt real but wanted to see if MAYBE someone out there actually did make a game similar but no luck. Well until I found this one. Looking forward to playing this version with some of my old friends with my old self lol. Thanks for such a fun spin on an old classic

  • Posted:
    Jul. 10, 2019
Posted by
Shane Cormier
Downloads: 1

What a great template! Thank

What a great template! Thank you for sharing. I can think of so many ways to incorporate this lesson into my content areas. My students love board games, and interacting with the Mimio. They are going to be thrilled when the two are combined to produce an exciting review lesson!

Thanks again,


  • Posted:
    Apr. 15, 2012
Posted by
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My Bad! Game board

I really like the game board. It's great! The links back to the board make it very usable. I also like the open-ended application of adding my own questions.

  • Posted:
    Aug. 7, 2011
Posted by
Dera Ronquillo
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If I downloaded it from Mimio Connect, I am sure it was one that Jesus Cital created. He does some awesome work with flash! If you click on the die on the game though, you can drag it directly into your gallery and use it whenever you want!! Thanks for downloading!

  • Posted:
    Jun. 8, 2011
Posted by
Krista Pottier
Downloads: 338

Great center!

I love this idea. I'm just a little concerned that the game will take too long to play during the normal amount of time available. I think I will probably removed the required 1/2 rule to start out and just let them start out on any role.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 28, 2011
Posted by
Downloads: 34

Game Sorry

Wow! I love the game template you created. I know my students will love to play this game. You have made it easy to add user questions. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Posted:
    Mar. 27, 2011
Posted by
Pat Goodwin
Downloads: 186

Social Studies

This would make a good review game for our studies of Ancient Civilizaions. I like how the pawns can be moved and also we can create cards. The chips were also cloned so all you have to do is press on it to cover the number of the questions. Looks like fun!

  • Posted:
    Mar. 27, 2011
Posted by
Downloads: 262

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