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Voornaam :Tricia
My Website/Blog:
Onderwerp(en):Culture (Social Sciences), Modern Era
Groep:Gr. 4 | Age 10
Years Experience:17 years
Diploma's:Degree in Elementary Education
Groep(en):Make My Lesson Better, Mimio Certified Trainers, Mimio Masters, NSTA 2011

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Lid sinds:06/11/09
Geüploade lesplannen en activiteiten:3

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Schoolnaam:Grand Prairie Elementary
Website van de school:
Type school:Public
Aantal geregistreerde leerlingen:0-500
Gemiddelde klassengrootte:21-30


My name is Tricia Fontenot. I have been teaching for seventeen years, fifteen of which have been at my current school, Grand Prairie Elementary. I live in a rural community nestled just outside of Washington, Louisiana. I love using technology rich lessons to support instruction in my classroom, which is why I began using mimio about four years ago. I am very enthused about teaching with mimio, which enticed me to become a mimio master. I am also currently pursuing a master's degree in Curriculum and Technology.

Interesses en hobby's

On my time off from work, I love spending time with my family, swimming, traveling, and horseback riding. I am very interested in technology and technology integration. I also love photography and working in PhotoShop.

Favoriete muziek

I enjoy listening to pop and country music.


I am a technology trainer in my district, and I would have to say that is my passion. I just love to see other teachers get excited and energized about new and innovative ways to deliver instruction to their students.

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