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Oceans and Beaches Theme

Onderwerpen: Onderwijs
Taal: Engels
Groep: Groep 1 | 5-jarigen
Gepubliceerd: Jul. 7, 2015   Gepubliceerd door: jenmaher

Living from the Land and Sea

This video adapted from the Alaska Native Heritage Center focuses on the cycle of seasons that guides the traditional Alaska Native subsistence way of life.

The Disappearing Aral Sea

This visualization adapted from NASA features satellite images showing how more than 60 percent of the Aral Sea has disappeared during the last 30 years.

Mountain of Ice: If the Ice Melts

This interactive resource adapted from NOVA Online features a collection of images that show what would happen to selected coastlines around the world if the Antarctic Ice Sheet melted.

Arctic Sea Ice Satellite Observations

In this interactive activity produced for Teachers' Domain, learn how Arctic sea ice has changed over the past 25 years in terms of maximum winter extent, concentration, and the timing of breakup each spring.

Base Words and Endings -ed, -ing

Onderwerpen: Onderwijs, Grammatica, Dictee, Media Lessons, Lezen en taalkunde
Taal: Engels
Groep: Groep 3 | 7-jarigen
Gepubliceerd: Apr. 9, 2011   Gepubliceerd door: gadouryb
Playful dolphins demonstrate spelling changes to CVC and CVCe words when -ed or -ing is added to a base word to complete a sentence.

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