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Help! Mimios turning on and off.

My school just upgraded to Windows 7. We are using the Xsi bar. Most of the Mimios are working fine, but two of them seem to have a problem. They switch on and off all the time. They do this very quickly, so I don't even have time to calibrate it. I checked the USB cables and they're still plugged in properly.

What is causing this? Is it a driver problem? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Ingezonden door collyblom op aug. 2, 2011

Steam Engine

This Building Block video begins on a medium shot of a locomotive approaching through smoke in Promontory, Utah. The camera tilts down and the shot brightens to an extreme close-up of the train's wheels as it passes by.

Heat Transfer

Onderwerpen: Scheikunde, Aardwetenschappen, Natuurkunde, Natuurkunde, Technologie
Taal: Engels
Groep: Groep 7, Groep 8, Brugklas, Tweede klas middelbare school
Gepubliceerd: Jul. 14, 2011   Gepubliceerd door: Teachers Domain
In this interactive activity explore methods of heat transfer and classify examples from everyday life.

Geothermal Power

In this video segment from Vegas PBS, visit a construction site where a geothermal heat pump system is being installed to provide a new building with an energy-efficient way to meet its heating and cooling needs.

Measuring Instruments Pack

The Measuring Instruments Pack contains nearly 200 images of simple tools such as rulers to more complex ultrasound machines.

New mimio Power Tools - What do you want to see?

Hi there

I'm currently thinking about creating a new version of the mimio Power Tools Pack as they seem to be fairly popular with everybody.

I am interested in knowing what NEW tools teachers would like to see in this updated edition.

Please leave your thoughts in this thread.

And don't forget to vote for the original Power Tools Pack here:

Thanks for your input.

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Ingezonden door mimioguy Mimio Site Manager op jun. 24, 2009

mimio Power Tools Pack v1

A collection of simple and effective tools that add power to your mimio lessons.

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