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Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!

Onderwerpen: Recente gebeurtenissen, Geschiedenis en maatschappijleer, Overheid, Politiek, Oorlogen
Taal: Engels
Groep: Groep 3 | 7-jarigen, Groep 4 | 8-jarigen, Groep 5, Groep 6
Gepubliceerd: Jan. 27, 2020   Gepubliceerd door: teepeesmommy
This lesson for first through fourth grades celebrates the life of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America.

Mimio Pre-recorded Webinars

afbeelding van Tracy Tishion

I have viewed a number of the Mimio pre-recorded webinars and have found them to be extremely informative. I would like to use them as part of my own professional development for technology. Is there a way to obtain a certificate for continuing education units after watching/participating in these recordings?


Absolutely and you are so right. The Mimio Webinar series of live events and recordings are very informative and packed with lots of great suggestions, examples, and tips to enhance your Mimio experience in the classroom. Each live webinar or the pre-recorded webinars offer continuing education units via a certificate of completion once the webinar has been watched (by live participation or watching a recording). To obtain one for the pre-recorded webinars, you'll receive a link at the end of the viewing experience to click on in the chat box, take an assessment, submit it, and then a link will be emailed to you for the certificate. To obtain a complete listing of webinars, just follow this link: As always, if you get the chance, check out our Ask a Master section for additional tips, trick. and suggestions!

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Cindy D
South Carolina

World at War, A második világháború története

Onderwerpen: Oorlogen
Taal: Array
Groep: Vijfde klas middelbare school
Gepubliceerd: Mar. 20, 2016   Gepubliceerd door: arver

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