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U.S. Capitol Building

A beautiful extreme long shot of the U.S. Capitol building's West Front is shown from across the reflecting pool in this Building Block video.

U.S. Capitol Building in Summer

This Building Block video shows trees and buildings lining the edge of a reflecting pool. The camera pans right to reveal the Capitol Building and the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial around which distant tourists wander under dark skies.

U.S. Capitol Dome at Night

This Building Block video begins on a long shot of the United States Capitol at night as seen from Pennsylvania Avenue. The camera then zooms in to a medium long shot of the brightly lit dome.

U.S. Capitol Building in Snow

In this Building Block video, the American flag flies over the Capitol building's portico as snow falls on the building and lawn. The scene is shown from two slightly different angles.

Capitol Fountain

In this Building Block video, an American flag flaps in a strong breeze next to the Capitol Dome. As framed by two plumes of water from the Senate Garage Fountain, this clip first focuses on the fountains, then switches focus to the building and the flag.

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