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Satellite Dishes

In this Building Block video, the camera pans over multiple satellite dishes on a roof in San Francisco, California. Apartment buildings and Coit Tower stand in the background.


See time-lapse footage of a full moon rising, starting from the bottom left-hand corner and slowly filling the entire screen in this Building Block video shot in Los Angeles, California.

Why Doesn't the Moon Fall Down?

Onderwerpen: Astronomie, Natuurkunde
Taal: Engels
Groep: Groep 5, Groep 6, Groep 7, Groep 8, Brugklas, Tweede klas middelbare school
Gepubliceerd: Jul. 15, 2011   Gepubliceerd door: Teachers Domain
In this animated video segment adapted from NASA, astronomer Doris Daou explains how the forces of speed and gravity keep the Moon in a constant orbit around Earth.

Hubble Telescope: Looking Deep

This video segment adapted from the Space Telescope Science Institute shows what the Hubble telescope found when it stared at a single, nearly empty spot in the sky for 10 days in 1995. The unexpected result was a picture of a multitude of galaxies stretching into the distance.

Mount St. Helens: Before and After

The collection of still images and video featured in this resource depict before-and-after scenes of Mount St. Helens and its surroundings, allowing you to witness the volcano's evolving eruption column, and revealing the extent of environmental recovery 20 years later.

Arctic Sea Ice Satellite Observations

In this interactive activity produced for Teachers' Domain, learn how Arctic sea ice has changed over the past 25 years in terms of maximum winter extent, concentration, and the timing of breakup each spring.

Global View of the Seasons

In this interactive activity learn how the distribution of Earth's vegetation changes over the seasons.

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