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Welcome dedicated mimio users.

CCISD and the Instructional Technology Department are dedicated to developing life-long learners with 21st century competencies and skills. This group will be able to share implementation strategies, ideas and lessons. It will also allow teachers to collaborate with peers, exchanging integrations ideas.

The mimio interactive white board is a great tool to deliver differentiated instruction, build student engagement and an excitement for learning. When students are excited about learning they are more confident and successful which increases mastery of concepts and achievement.

This interactive technology will help provide relevance and rigor to courses and lessons while creating a technology-rich learning environment.

Beth Best
District Instructional Technology Specialist

05/06/2010 - 9:58am

Onlangs toegevoegde lesplannen en activiteiten

sherrouses Learning My ABC's Kinder Version
Groepen: Groep 2 | 6-jarigen
Onderwerpen: Geletterdheid
Gepubliceerd: nov. 1, 2011   Gepubliceerd door: sherrouses
100Totaal aantal keren bekeken: 1,896
Click on the object and it plays an audio file of what it is, ie; a ball will say 'ball'. Students then find the correct word go with the object.
sherrouses Learning My ABC's Pre-Kinder Version
Groepen: Groep 1 | 5-jarigen
Onderwerpen: Geletterdheid
Gepubliceerd: nov. 1, 2011   Gepubliceerd door: sherrouses
53.3333Totaal aantal keren bekeken: 2,279
Students move the alphabet letter to the correct object that starts with that letter. Objects have audio that plays the letter. Photosynthesis, Energy, Cycle of Matter test
Groepen: Brugklas
Onderwerpen: Natuurkunde
Gepubliceerd: sep. 8, 2011   Gepubliceerd door:
40Totaal aantal keren bekeken: 2,041
This is a 26 question exam for the mimio vote, on photosynthesis, energy and Cycle of Matter.

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