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What is a good Presentation?


Gives examples, both bad and good of what presentations should have and should not have. Very useful for adults also, due having hundreds of terrible presentations that we have endured in our lives. I currently use with grade five and hope that this will be the catalyst of great future presentations.
This is not only for Powerpoint, but for all presentation tools (e.g. Prezi, Keynote, Scratch)

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This is a great lesson to

This is a great lesson to share with students AND adults. Thank you for including examples of each. Sometimes you can tell a person not to put too much text, but they do anyway. These were great examples. Thanks for sharing!

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    aug. 8, 2013
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I think your statistic that

I think your statistic that 95% of PowerPoints are bad may be low. :-)

I think once individuals realize that more "stuff" is not better, simplicity is better, and that slides should compliment a person's presentation rather than carry the entire weight of presenting all of the content, they will begin to understand the power of not only PowerPoint, but of using interactive whiteboards such as Mimio.

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    jun. 7, 2013
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This is a nice introduction

This is a nice introduction to presentations. I'm going to be teaching a broadcast/journalism class next year and I'd like to use this as one of the introductory lessons to show them the differences between good, better, & boring!

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    jun. 4, 2013
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Kellie Auerweck
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