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Standards for Professional Learning


The Quick Reference Guide is available at http://www.learningforward.org/standards/StandardsReferenceGuide.pdf.

The Standards for Professional Learning are designed to set policies and shape practice in professional learning. Improvement is a continuous process without a beginning or end. Because professional learning is at the core of every effort to increase educator effectiveness and results for all students, its quality and effectiveness cannot be left to chance.

The standards may help guide the efforts of individuals, teams, school and school system staff, public agencies and officials, and nonprofit and for-profit associations or organizations engaged in setting policy, organizing, providing, facilitating, managing, participating in, monitoring, or measuring professional learning to increase educator effectiveness and results for all students. These standards stimulate dialogue, discussion, and analysis that lead to increased effectiveness in professional learning regardless of the state of current practice.

Here are several suggestions for how various types of educators may
use the standards to deepen their understanding of effective professional
learning and how to strengthen professional learning for all educators.
The book Standards for Professional Learning (Learning Forward, 2011; see
ordering information at right) offers a more comprehensive list.

Individuals can:

• Study the standards to develop a foundational knowledge about effective
professional learning.
• Use the standards to request improvements in professional learning in which
they participate.
• Apply the standards to the planning, design, facilitation, and evaluation of
professional learning they lead.

School staff can:

• Share the standards with external assistance providers who facilitate
professional learning with school staff.
• Share the standards with parents, guardians, and community members to
foster their support for professional learning as a means to increase student
• Bring the standards into all program implementation or improvement

School system staff can:

• Post the standards on or link to the standards from the school system’s
• Use the standards as criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of all professional learning.
• Prepare a resolution that the school trustees adopt the standards as
expectations for all professional learning.

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Standards for Professional Learning

What a great site to share! A great deal of our district's professional development is guided by Learning Forward. It is not uncommon to see the name on documents we receive. I really appreciate the standards as well as how the county office can link the information directly from the district site. I will definitely make this site one I frequent. Thank you again!

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    jun. 13, 2012
Kelly Snyder
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Kelly Snyder
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Professional Learning

Thank you for the link and the great description. I had the chance to watch the video to learn more about this resource. I appreciated the "update" regarding what has changed in the last 10 years. It is important to remain relevant and continually seek to provide the best information to the public.

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    feb. 12, 2012
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Janet Webb
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