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Students play the game of Monopoly each Friday if all of their homework has been turned in for the week. The two versions allow teachers to use team motivation or individual motivation. Change the rewards on the Chance and Community Lunchbox cards to fit your needs. I have included ideas for elementary and middle school. Also, change the values of the properties to practice decimals, fractions, etc.

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Hi Penny, To open the

Hi Penny,

To open the thousands of interactive lessons found on MimioConnect, you must first install MimioStudio software.

You can download the latest version of MimioStudio software by visiting:

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    jul. 10, 2015
Paul Gigliotti
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Paul Gigliotti
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Another neat game!

I found this after discovering your version of Cranium. It's obvious that you have spent a lot of time creating these! Thank you so much for sharing them! I like all the different color shades/reveals you have used. I ungrouped them and added them to my own gallery for future use! How did you manage to change all the colors? Did you write the flash file yourself?

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    nov. 16, 2011
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