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Why use the Mimio in Your Classroom

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I created this lesson to train my staff on how and why to use the Mimio tools and gallery. It provides ideas for them to use in their classroom and allows the time to practice using the Mimio with assistance.

You can change the shark logo to your school logo and that is hyper linked to the next page. Also, you can put your school name on the first page.

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Great stack for professional development

This was a really fun activity that I think teachers would enjoy. I also like the evaluation piece at the end of the activity. I think too often we do one-shot workshops and teachers never have any follow-up. By sending you a mimio presentation, it makes them more accountable. Great work and thanks so much for sharing it!

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    apr. 10, 2013
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Great lesson!

I LOVE the video and plan to use this in the fall with my teachers. It is a GREAT review with the collaboration piece, and I love the individual activity at the end. A great way to check for understanding. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    jun. 17, 2012
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Great job! I am going to use

Great job! I am going to use this one when I train our teachers in about a month. I cannot wait to see their reaction to this lesson. I have some teachers that are on board and use it often. Then I have teachers who have not taken the Mimio Pad out of the box. I think this lesson may change their minds.

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    aug. 15, 2011
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Jennifer Standriff
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Nice job Barb. I like the

Nice job Barb. I like the approach you took to getting this set up. Creating these resources takes so much time and it's great that we can share things that we have done here.

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    aug. 13, 2011
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Jim McKinney
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