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A "Pictionary" type gameboard that can be used for review in any grade level and in any subject. Teacher divides the class into two teams, and using terms he/she has selected prior to the game, hands them out to a students to draw for classmates.

Hyperlinks help move you through the gameboards and built in timers help you keep the kids moving.

Have fun!

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rrios Gepubliceerd door: rrios Mimio Master Mimio Certified Trainer

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Absolutely love this template

Absolutely love this template since I am an art teacher. I really like the table easel and canvas used in the "Mimionary" game. I will sure use this in my class this summer. Thanks!
Kim Artman

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    jun. 4, 2013
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Kimberly Artman
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Pictionary Game

I love Pictionary and what a great way to review with students. Your instructions were nice and simple to follow and I can't wait to share this with my students!! Thanks again

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    jun. 11, 2011
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Louisa Belk
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Really cool! I love it! I

Really cool! I love it! I will use it at the end of this year with character traits and adjectives. What a great way to review and especially at the end of the year. Thanks for creating and sharing!
Jennifer Wheeler :)

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    apr. 19, 2011
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Jennifer Wheeler
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A "Pictionary" type gameboard that can be used for review in any grade level and in any...
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