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Blockbusters Game Template- UPDATED!!


This game template is modeled after the old Blockbusters game show. Two teams answer questions, capture parts of the game board and try to be the first team to the other side of the board. Just enter your own questions and you are ready to play! Use screen capture to add questions quickly from another document, or just use the gameboard and hand questions out on a worksheet. Theme song included!!! This game was modified from a smartboard activity created by evereegr.

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I am having trouble also. It

I am having trouble also. It will download, however now it will "not respond" when I want it to play.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I am running the new Mimio and on a W7 OS.


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    okt. 20, 2013
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Debbie Ehrlich
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Blockbuster Game

I really appreciated this new way to review. I have a jeopardy template, but this is a way to review that is different and productive. It involves thinking and strategy, while teaching the concepts. Thank you for this presentation.

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    mrt. 27, 2011
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Kevin Christy
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