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Welcome to "We the people . . ." the group where U.S. History and Government comes alive for students through the use of mimio interactivity!

With mimio, History and Government have never been more engaging for students. Students can interact with course content as they travel through time or take a trip to Capital Hill.

mimio gives Social Studies teachers the ability to reach these sometimes difficult to reach learners. mimio provides Social Studies students with opportunities for active learning and rich content engagement. Perhaps most importantly mimio can motivate and excite students to become good citizens.

This group is designed as a meeting place for U.S. History and Government teachers to share interactive lessons. We also invite you to share stories and to offer support and advice for other educators using mimio in the classroom.

Once again, Welcome!!

07/21/2010 - 3:08pm
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Onlangs toegevoegde lesplannen en activiteiten

heastyc The U.S. Constitution
Groepen: Groep 5 - Groep 7
Onderwerpen: Overheid
Gepubliceerd: aug. 15, 2013   Gepubliceerd door: heastyc
0Totaal aantal keren bekeken: 3,424
josecordon Como crear una lección interactiva usando MimioStudio
Groepen: Groep 1 | 5-jarigen - Hr. Ed. | Age 19+
Onderwerpen: Onderwijs
Gepubliceerd: nov. 2, 2012   Gepubliceerd door: josecordon
Inhoud: Website
0Totaal aantal keren bekeken: 2,962
Descripción detallada de todas las herramientas incluidas en MimioStudio que permiten crear una lección interactiva sobre cualquier tema para los alumnos.
dana.holloman Credit and Debt Lecture
Groepen: Derde klas middelbare school - Zesde klas middelbare school
Onderwerpen: Geschiedenis en maatschappijleer, Economie
Gepubliceerd: mei. 6, 2012   Gepubliceerd door: dana.holloman
0Totaal aantal keren bekeken: 2,563
Lecture on types of financial institutions and types of credit.

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