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Uses of Mimio


Uses include Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Electives such as French, Spanish, Art, Music, and ESL. This presentation also guides users to create their own account on mimioconnect and participate in live trainings or self guided trainings.

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erikadkay Publicado por: erikadkay Mimio Master

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I hope to have my mimio this coming school

is there any way to see this file before I get my mimio to give me some good ideas? (pretty please?)

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    Jul. 20, 2011
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Thanks so much

I am loving this. I feel it will greatly improve how I will work my lessons. I also feel it will motivate the classroom teachers as well as our Arts teachers. Thanks again for doing such a great job.

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    Jul. 15, 2011
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After you receive your PMP

After you receive your PMP certification preparation you will be able to get your project management credential and manage projects better

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    Mayo. 25, 2011
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I really like these models.

I really like these models. I can surely change them to fit the needs of my class subjects.

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    Mar. 24, 2011
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Dawn Makin
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How do you create these?

I love the ideas presented in this presentation. I just wish that there could be an explanation of how they are created. For example, in the box with the magnet, how do you make the star appear when there is a correct answer?

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    Feb. 25, 2011
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Carol Cerny
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Creating the illusion

Hi Carol- I'm one of the MimioConnect moderators and I'd be more than happy to share with you how the technique of the yellow stars appearing with the correct answers was accomplished. The yellow stars are grouped with every object that will be dragged to the magnet. The star is created first then the object is placed on top of it and both of them are then "grouped together." It's a choice under the Format tab. Once grouped then the combined picture and star needs to have a choice made for it, Order to the front or order to the back. Again, this order choice can be found under the Format tab which will determine whether or not the picture will go on top of the magnet or behind. Since the stars are yellow and you don't want the children to see the answers ahead of time, you simply right click on the notebook page, choose background, and then choose "yellow" for the background color and once you go back to your notebook page, the stars magically disappear. Should you have any more questions, don't hesitate to write in to our Ask a Master section, where I can be found daily! I hope this helps and good luck creating!

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    Feb. 28, 2011
Tracy Tishion
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Tracy Tishion
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Uses of Mimio-How to?

I love the "Mystery Box" page. However, could you possibly explain how you did the mystery box? How did you reveal over the purple background?

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    Sep. 20, 2010
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Mystery Box

I can help out with your question. The Mystery Box is really very simple to make, but makes your students think you are magic!
If you notice - the background on the right side of the page is blue - as are the words 'hidden' on that side of the page. In order to make them 'appear' they are ordered to the front (right click on an object/word, choose order -> front) The purple box is ordered in front of the blue background. Think of it like the sheets on your bed - the blue background is the bottom sheet, the purple box is the top sheet, and the words are your blanket. Through this process, when the purple box is placed over one of the hidden words, it seems to appear as if by magic. For more information about ordering objects in your lessons, check out the video at


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    Jan. 17, 2012
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Maribeth Lowe
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