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This group is comprised of technology specialists, resource teachers, coordinators, K-12 educators, all of whom are diligently working at infusing technology into their district's curriculum. Ideas can be exchanged on such topics as 21st century skills, tech tips, good software and web resources, assessment strategies, cloud computing, challenges/successes and whatever else we encounter in our daily lives!

07/21/2010 - 3:07pm
Tracy Tishion Mimio Master Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer

Planes de clases y actividades recientemente añadidos

jeffnance Oceans & Continents
Nivel escolar: 4º grado
Temas: Geography
Publicado: Mayo. 3, 2013   Publicado por: jeffnance
0Vistas totales: 3,916
jeffnance Math KENKENs
Nivel escolar: 3º grado - 5º grado
Temas: Aritmética
Publicado: Apr. 10, 2013   Publicado por: jeffnance
0Vistas totales: 1,932

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