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The mission of this group is to continue fostering creative and educational mimio resources to be used, collected, and modified for secondary science teachers. mimio provides high school science teachers great abilities to enhance instruction and learning in the classroom by increasing active learning and content engagement. Even better, mimio lessons can further motivate and excite students to perform in the classroom.

This group is designed as a meeting place for high school science teachers to share interactive lessons across all areas of science. We also invite you to share stories and to offer support and advice for other science educators. Resources and ideas welcome.

08/22/2010 - 1:15pm
Travis Rink Mimio Master Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager

Planes de clases y actividades recientemente añadidos

josecordon Como crear una lección interactiva usando MimioStudio
Nivel escolar: Pre-K | 5 años - Hr. Ed. | Age 19+
Temas: Educación
Publicado: Nov. 2, 2012   Publicado por: josecordon
Contenido: Website
0Vistas totales: 2,811
Descripción detallada de todas las herramientas incluidas en MimioStudio que permiten crear una lección interactiva sobre cualquier tema para los alumnos.
nof007750 Dominate or Recessive Traits?
Nivel escolar: 6º grado - 9º grado
Temas: Biología, Ciencia
Publicado: Nov. 20, 2011   Publicado por: nof007750 Mimio Master Mimio Certified Trainer
53.3333Vistas totales: 2,918
Students explore whether given traits are dominate or recessive
Warren brewer Nomenclature
Nivel escolar: 8º grado - 12º grado
Temas: Química
Publicado: Aug. 30, 2011   Publicado por: Warren brewer
0Vistas totales: 2,129
Naming simple compounds is discussed

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