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The mission of this group is to share the knowledge and expertise of these dediciated educators with other Goddard teachers. Lessons and Galleries added to this group will be those that these experts recommend for our district.

08/21/2010 - 8:34pm
Travis Rink Mimio Master Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager

Planes de clases y actividades recientemente añadidos

mjennings11@cox.net Lunch Count- Space Theme
Nivel escolar: Pre-K | 5 años - 6º grado
Temas: Educación
Publicado: Jul. 24, 2013   Publicado por: mjennings11@cox.net
0Vistas totales: 2,695
mjennings11@cox.net The Horned Toad Prince
Nivel escolar: 4º grado
Temas: Lectura y Artes del lenguaje
Publicado: Jul. 13, 2012   Publicado por: mjennings11@cox.net
Contenido: Website
0Vistas totales: 2,823
Reading Street series story fairy tale twist
mjennings11@cox.net Learning About Our Government
Nivel escolar: 2º grado | 8 años - 6º grado
Temas: Historia y Ciencias sociales
Publicado: Mar. 2, 2010   Publicado por: mjennings11@cox.net
88Vistas totales: 3,933
This is a Mimio lesson teaching elementary students what the job of the 3 branches of our government consists of.

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