Writing on a PDF file inside or outside the notebook.

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Is it better to import/insert a PDF file to write on it or should I keep it outside of the notebook and just use a feature from the toolbar to write on it?


Annotating or writing on PDF inside or outside of a notebook page is really what you prefer and how you'd like to save the annotated PDF. If you use the file outside of the notebook, you'll need to open it and position the file to an acceptable size on the screen. Once you use the "screen annotation" tool from the toolbar, it freezes the file so you can write on it but you won't be able to manipulate the file (scroll up or down) because screen annotation freezes the screen. When you are done, simply press ESC on your keyboard or right click and select “CLOSE.” You will find a copy of your annotated page in your Gallery inside the Screen Annotations folder of the notebook. If you insert the PDF file into your notebook page, the whole file will resize to fit the screen. Write on it, mark it up and now the PDF becomes part of your lesson and you can continue to additional pages in the notebook or just save the mimio file to your computer for future use. As always, should you get the chance, check out the many other tips and suggestions found on MimioConnect.

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