Summer Storage Tips

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I just wanted to know if there is any special precautions I need to take with my equipment over the summer?


Good question! Each school district may have different protocols for how the equipment should be stored over the summer: in a central location or in your classroom or even keeping it up if it's not portable. So, my first thought would be is to check with your building tech department or whomever may be the designated administrator of technology. If this isn't the case in your situation and it's up to you to store your own equipment then follow these simple steps:
1. Unplug all equipment.
2. Remove your MimioTeach and store it in a secure location along with the dongle (USB stick).
3. Make sure all batteries are removed from any device because the summer months tend to heat up and those batteries could leak and destroy your equipment.
4. Make sure everything is stored together: cords, devices(MimioCapture, MimioVote, MimioPad, MimioView) pens, etc. because that will make it easier in the Fall for setting up.
5. When the summer is over check your computer/laptop for any software updates that might be available or your technology staff might have done over the summer. There always could be some new features and tips that were released to make your Mimio experience easier and fun while being educational!

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