New Year Resolutions for Students

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I'm looking for lessons on New Year resolutions to do with my students when we return from vacation. Do you know of any interactive lessons or other places where I might find simple resources- writing or simple activities for upper elementary grades?


The new year will be here before we know it and what a great idea to get your students off to the right start with some new year's goals or resolutions. There aren't any specific lessons that I could find that are specific to your grade level. I do have a suggestion though which will pull up some great suggestions. Go to google and type in "new year resolution for school students printable," then click on "Images." Once you've done this, it will pull up a plethora of visuals/worksheets with MANY resolution ideas which can easily be adapted to meet whatever your needs may be. You can create your on Mimio lessons based on the content that you reviewed off of the search. In addition, if you search ALL results, you will come up with many websites which address new year's resolutions. If these don't pan out, you can do a google advanced search ( Here you can type the same search parameters but this time you can specify the file type such as PDF or even a PowerPoint. Hope these tips and suggestions help. Happy new year and happy hunting!

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