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We just received the MimioVote system and I'd like to set up the gradebook to begin doing simple assessments with my students. How do I start? We do have some instructions but I could use more detailed step by step directions.


The MimioVote system is a great addition to your classroom regiment of interactive assessments and instruction to use with your students. There are a number of Ask a Master responses on the gradebook that you can take a look at if you simply go to the Ask a Master section and type in the search box the word Mimio gradebook. There is also a very thorough Quick Learn recording of the whole set up process which can be found by following this link: https://mimio.boxlight.com/quick-learn-recordings/. There are multiple training recordings on this page so just scroll down the page to locate the Gradebook recording. Feel free to watch any of the other recordings for tips and suggestions. There are even Quick Learn LIVE sessions that you can sign up for at this link: https://mimio.boxlight.com/quick-learn-overview/ which provide immediate feedback to questions you might have as well as resources and samples that are provided to participants for free. Enjoy using this new interactive tool in your classroom

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