End of Year Clean Up and Summer

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I'm new to Mimio this year and am wondering how to store my equipment for the summer and how can I work on lessons over the summer if I don't have my equipment?


This is a good question with a few suggestions for you based on your school situation. Some school districts have guidelines as to what to do with technology at the end of the year. The first thing I'd recommend is check with fellow colleagues to see if there is some procedures in place. Some IT departments collect, label, and hold onto teachers' laptops and equipment to do updates and clean equipment while others let the teachers lock up these things in a classroom closet if that's available. If you are storing equipment in your room, then please make sure you remove any batteries that are used in the equipment. This will prevent them from heating up and melting inside the devices over the hot summer months. If you are able to take your classroom computer (laptop) home then you'll already have the MimioStudio software on your computer to continue to use and create lessons. If you can't take the computer home and have another one at home then you'll be able to download a limited, home version of the MimioStudio software from the website and create lessons that way. You can save them to a USB/flash drive or if you have cloud storage, save them there. Whatever your district protocols are, just be proactive and ask any questions you might have to make sure your equipment can be stored safely and securely, to be ready for you to hit the ground running for the new school year!

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