Creating Seating Charts

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I found a seating chart in the 2019 back to school gallery pack. I'd like to use it but am having difficulty manipulating the chairs and names on the page and don't fully understand the pullout instructions. Please advise.


Good question and here are a few suggestions. There are 2 seating charts to choose from, one that is already arranged in a classroom setting and the second can be set up to reflect your needs. In your case, I suggest using the second one, unless you have your classroom set up similar to the the first one. The pull out instructions say to double click on the word"name" then change it to one of your students' names. Now "select" both the name and the desk by using the "shift" key to select the second item (either the name or desk). Once they've both been selected (with 2 editing boxes visible), go to Format>Grouping>Group. This will make them 1 object. Continue doing the same as you go through your class list. Once completed, you can give the chart a name, save it as a PDF and print off a copy. As always, should you get the chance, peruse the many tips and suggestions that can be found in the Ask a Master section of MimioConnect.

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