Calibration Issues

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My calibration seems to be off. When I start up in the morning and touch the stylus to the board a line is drawn about 12 to 15 inches away. Why is the calibration off? Do I need to go through setting the calibration every time I turn on the projector? My projector is a ceiling mounted one, so I don't believe that it moves around daily.


Good question and one that can have a few solutions. In some cases there can be papers or objects that overhang onto the projected area on the board which can obstruct the line of sensing from the MimioTeach bar to the stylus. Make sure that you have a clean, unobstructed projected board area. One way to set the calibration on your board (so you don't need to do it each time) is to use a "previous calibration" (if you have your projector and your MimioTeach in a fixed location). Here are the steps to do this:
1. Open your MimioStudio Notebook

2. Click on Tools > Settings

3. Next click on Interactive and then check the box for use previous calibration
This will eliminate having to repeatedly do calibrations.
As always, should you get the chance check out the rest of the tips and suggestions in Ask a Master!

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Marta W.
New York

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