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The Alligator Eater!

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Summary: MimioConnect Lesson of the Month - September 2014

This lesson for first graders includes "The Hungry Alligator" song as an introduction to comparing numbers. A link to the video of the song is included, as well as the lyrics (it's a YouTube link, so you may not be able to view it, depending on your restrictions). The lesson teaches basic comparing, and provides opportunity for creating greater than, less than, and equal to sentences of your students' own at the end. This lesson was UPDATED as of 9/14/14 to include the Instructional Design components of aesthetics, instruction, and collaboration. More opportunities for practice and objectives on each page have been added, as well as MimioStudio 11 updates.
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teepeesmommy Posted by: teepeesmommy Mimio Moderators Mimio Site Manager Mimio Certified Trainer

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Is there any way we could get

Is there any way we could get this lesson posted again? When I try to download it a pop up say the "file is invalid" or if you could email it that would be great too!


Thanks! We love using your lessons in my 1st grade class!

  • Posted:
    Sep. 12, 2014
Posted by
Morgan Nance
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The Alligator Eater!

This was a really cute lesson! Number comparison can be a difficult concept for young children to understand. The song, the activities, and the great graphics all add to conmprehending in a fun and entertaining way!

  • Posted:
    Apr. 11, 2010
Posted by
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number eatin' alligator

Thanks for sharing!

My class enjoyed this lesson, but they found the fancy font difficult to read. They wanted to do more of the fish problems :)

lol, and I've got that song stuck in my head!!!!!
Thank you for sharing your hard work with others.

  • Posted:
    Apr. 10, 2010
Posted by
Laura Cameron
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Thanks for the feedback. The

Thanks for the feedback. The font on the song wouldn't be too hard to change, so I'll probably re-upload with something different. My students didn't comment on that, but I'd hate for others to have difficulty!

  • Posted:
    Apr. 11, 2010
Posted by
Claire Jones
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