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3D Dice Gallery Pack


This file contains 20, yes 20, 3d dice which include dot, vowels, and numbers in six different colors. It also now included coin and color cube dice. Let me know what you think.

In MimioStudio 7, all Gallery files are held in the in the Imported Content Packs folder near the bottom. You can leave it there or install it to your main Gallery by clicking on the the main 3d dice Pack folder and right-click and choose Install. It will place the Gallery in your Mimioconnect folder in the top of your Gallery under Dynamic tools.

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3D, coins, Colors, dice, probability
Jesus Cital Posted by: Jesus Cital Mimio Staff Mimio Authorized Trainer

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Question words on the die

Would there be any chance of having the question words on the die ?
What, when, where, who, why, how.

Love the die as it is, but there are so many possibilities, and it's such a simple idea. My students love playing with it.

  • Posted:
    Nov. 2, 2011
Posted by
Calum Stirling
Downloads: 109

3d dice...

Love the dice!!! Is there a way that we can create dice that have the basic Spanish Syllables on them? I would love to create them if I had the basic pattern, just editing the letters.

In Spanish, we create real or nonsense words using dice. The kids roll the dice and put the word under, real or not real. I could create several activities using these dice if I had the basic pattern. I love using dice in the classroom. Thanks so much!!!

ma me mi mo mu on one die
pa pe pi po pu
sa se si so su
ta te ti to tu
ca co cu ca co cu

  • Posted:
    Jan. 22, 2011
Posted by
Leah Meiser
Downloads: 257

Anxious for update!

Love it! But please fix number 2. Would love lower case vowels and consonants. How do you make these? I would like to make some things like these to share here.

  • Posted:
    Jan. 9, 2011
Posted by
Downloads: 50

Very nice

These flash 3D dice are great. It's a nice interactive way for my students to practice and review numbers, counting, letters and colors. I would love to know how to make flash items like this!

  • Posted:
    Jan. 8, 2011
Posted by
Downloads: 307

the 2 on the numeral dice

These are great except that the 2s on all the numeral dice show up up-side-down every time it lands on a 2 no matter what color the dice. It would be nice if that could be fixed.

  • Posted:
    Aug. 5, 2010
Posted by
Stacy Giaccone
Downloads: 71

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