Community Guidelines

Create an affable, professional community.

Promote useful and honest discussions.

The mimioConnect community encourages an exchange of ideas. Members should feel comfortable raising issues and expressing differing points of view, but please be respectful. It is more constructive and persuasive to take issue with a person's comments than to make personal attacks. Avoid teasing and sarcasm, as well. You may use emoticons such as :-) (which is viewed sideways) when you want to indicate that a statement is meant to be humorous.

Own your own words.

You are responsible and liable for your own posts. mimio is not the publisher of the words posted by members, and mimio is not liable for material posted by members. We do not prescreen postings and will rarely remove messages. We do, however, reserve the right to do so. Inappropriate posts include, but are not limited to, those containing libel, obscenities, advertising, and copyrighted materials used without permission. Moderators may move an off-topic post to a more appropriate forum, or may help you create a private conference.

Create a community that is helpful for you. is YOUR community, so make it work for you. If there is something you want to discuss with other members of the community, jump in and start a topic. If an existing discussion engages you, join in. If you have questions, don’t hold back. And if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the forum moderator.

Be a good listener and a regular contributor.

Before joining a conversation, make sure you follow what has been said. Do not interrupt with irrelevant or repetitive comments. If you don’t find the existing conversations compelling, feel free to introduce a new topic.

Respect the role of the moderators.

Every Forum and Event on is tended by one or more moderators, whose role is to help facilitate your discussion. These professionals do not edit comments, but they may delete comments that are not in the community interest. The mimioConnect community manager does not, and will not, impose explicit rules on moderators governing such deletions. The moderators are trusted to exercise good sense as well as creativity in handling their conferences. Remember that they are there to help you. Feel free to ask for their help.

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